Earlier this autumn, I began thinking about Remembrance Day. I always find it very moving and, like many, have been wondering how the occasion would be marked in these strange times. Would there be poppies for sale? How would the Annual Festival of Remembrance take place amidst social distancing requirements? Could I write something as my own tribute to the brave men and women who give so much to keep us all safe?

Then I chanced upon the Romantic Novelists’ Association flash fiction competition; we were invited to to write no more than 250 words on the theme of ‘Chasing Rainbows’. Suddenly I knew what I could write about. ‘Chasing Rainbows’ usually means pursuing an impossible dream, but what if you were a really determined and courageous person – couldn’t you make that dream come true?

I called my flash ‘Marching On’ and you can find it here:

By Jenny Worstall

I am a writer and musician, and live in London with my family. I enjoy playing the piano and gossiping with my friends (essential research for my writing). My books reflect my love of music and a tendency not to take life too seriously.


  1. Well Done Jenny ! It’s brilliant to write a miniature within such a small frame . Congratulations. Love from Diana

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