Book review 095: Jenny Worstall reviews ‘A Raucous Time’ (Celtic Cousins Adventure Book 1) by Julia Hughes

My review of ‘A Raucous Time’ by Julia Hughes, featured today on Morgen Bailey’s wonderful site.

Morgen 'with an E' Bailey

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A Raucous Time (Celtic Cousins Adventure Book 1) by Julia Hughes

Genre: Young Adult/ Adventure

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A Raucous Time cover imageA Raucous Time is the breathless tale of two dare-devil cousins, Rhyllann and Wren, who are pursued by ruthless criminals in a series of incredible adventures, aided (and abetted) by Detective Inspector Crombie and the police force.

King John’s treasure is the original source of all the trouble (lost in 1216 in a terrible disaster). Rhyllann and Wren should be in school but instead they are involved in all manner of hair-raising exploits. There is double-dealing, police corruption, a mysterious note in code, a terrifying near collision…

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