Amazon Pre-order and The Funny Business of Life

My new novel, ‘The Funny Business of Life‘, will be available for pre-order very soon.

Pre-order is a fairly new feature for Indie authors (“proper authors” have been able to use it for sometime, I believe!) and so I thought I would give it a try.

The ‘Funny Business of Life’ is a not entirely serious murder mystery. The opening scene is set in 2014, eleven years after the end of my romantic comedy Make a Joyful Noise.’

Make Joyful Noise - Kindle

It can be read as a standalone title, but is also a sequel to ‘Make a Joyful Noise’ and features the conductor Tristan Proudfoot as one of the main characters.

Book Description:

Miriam has a secret, a secret she cannot bring herself to share, a secret that leads to a brutal stabbing on Bonfire Night at St Cecilia’s School.

We travel back in time to investigate the mystery, meeting a host of colourful personalities along the way, including the bumbling Director of Music Lancelot Prokofiev, the predatory french teacher Celeste Dubonnet, Brunhilda the chocolate-loving music secretary, Dorian the sixth former who can understand complicated mathematics but forgets the day of the week, the egotistical conductor, Tristan Proudfoot and the deranged nun Sister Anne.

Demons are wrestled and surprises abound before we return to Bonfire Night for the final revelation of a dramatically altered future.

Funny Business of Life - Kindle

By Jenny Worstall

I am a writer and musician, and live in London with my family. I enjoy playing the piano and gossiping with my friends (essential research for my writing). My books reflect my love of music and a tendency not to take life too seriously.


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