Peacock and Dragon

‘Peacock and Dragon’ is my new short story collection, published yesterday and available from all amazon sites.

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The first story, ‘Strawberry Thief’, opens with a cutting from a local newspaper telling of the discovery of a young child’s skull and other small bones from at least a hundred years ago.

The story was a finalist in the Words Unlimited Short Story Contest 2013, a wonderful competition dreamt up by author Julia Hughes. What made this competition stand out was the nature of the challenge – competitors had to write a short story within 72 hours that would fit the cover designed by Laura Wright LaRoche of LLPix. The clock was ticking (literally – Julia Hughes set up a clock on the website to remind us to hurry up!) as writers on both sides of the pond scribbled furiously, and at the end of the allotted time, all were agreed on one important point – it had been a lot of fun!

The second story, ‘Peacock and Dragon’, portrays a young woman facing an age old dilemma. I wrote this as a companion story to Strawberry Thief; I had got a bit carried away with William Morris references in the first story and started noting down the names of his wallpaper and textiles designs, and when I came across ‘Peacock and Dragon’, I felt compelled to write a second Morris inspired story.

‘Love is Enough’ is about jealousy and the dark consequences it can lead to. The story started as a hundred and forty word challenge (from the Words Unlimited site )and grew into a short story, thankfully with its title the only William Morris reference.