A Letter for Maureen by Jonathan Hill

I felt compelled to read the next Maureen adventure, A Letter for Maureen,  as I enjoyed Maureen goes to Venice so much.

I particularly enjoyed the account of the Library Book Club meeting, chaired by the indomitable Maureen. We meet Nigel the librarian, desperate to catch people breaking the rules, Winston the book club bore (don’t they all have one?), and a suspiciously familiar young man with red hair who spends his time observing Maureen and taking copious notes. During the meeting Maureen tries to pass off shop mince pies as her own baking and the earlier scene where she is compared to Nigella Lawson as she attempts to bake in her own kitchen at home is absolutely priceless.

The transition to a darker mood towards the end is skillfully handled and every reader will surely feel the same hope that Maureen will bounce back and be ready to face the world again.

Maureen Goes to Venice by Jonathan Hill

I have just read Maureen Goes to Venice by Jonathan Hill – an hilarious romp that is best scoffed at one sitting.

When Maureen, the overwhelming yet strangely lovable heroine arrives in Venice for a holiday, you know that she will attract trouble with a capital ‘T’. She is cursed with a defective suitcase, an unwanted admirer and an inability to say no to wine. You will laugh at her when she gets into a tricky situation on a gondola, sympathise with her when she wonders if she can get away with murder, and admire her taste in literature as she reads an ebook on her kindle.

Thoroughly recommended!