An Advent Calendar of Christmas Music. 10th December.

Sleigh rides abounding today!




Well, we MIGHT have a white Christmas!

I am grateful to author Julia Hughes for suggesting  Prokofiev’s “Troika” for today’s calendar. Thanks Julia! No idea how she has time to listen to music when she has a new book about to be published…look out for The Griffin Cryer on 12.12.12.

Julia’s website

Follow her on twitter: @tinksaid


Author: Jenny Worstall

I am a musician, teacher and writer, and live in London with my family. I enjoy playing the piano and gossiping with my friends (essential research for my writing). My books reflect my love of music and a tendency not to take life too seriously.

6 thoughts on “An Advent Calendar of Christmas Music. 10th December.”

  1. THANK YOU, JENNY! Each day has graced me with treasured bits of music in which to step out into my day. Prokofiev brought me back to days in Washington, D.C., sitting in the Kennedy Center listening to the National Symphony Orchestra…close to heaven :-}

  2. Thank you Jenny, your musical advent calender is really building up the excitement and vibrancy of Christmas. Grateful thanks too for steering me in the right direction during the music scenes related in “The Griffin Cryer” – your expertise and advice is very much appreciated.

    Agree with Dody, this would be my idea of heaven, this wonderful music bursting out of a snowscape somewhere in Russia, while bouncing around in a Troika packed with friends:)


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